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Asset management

NETiKA RI provides you with an asset management module that will enable you to meet most of your needs.

Real estate transactions

All real estate transactions can be modelled with NETiKA RI: construction, renovations, acquisitions, sales, removals, etc.

A file is created with all of the required information and can be easily configured. The file includes:

  • Specific data for the type of file
  • A budget (potentially multi-year)
  • Documents
  • A configurable workflow to structure the collaborative execution of the file
  • Progress and financial tracking.



Sales and acquisitions are highly-perfected processes in the NETiKA RUI transaction library. The processes include preliminary analysis (internal enquiry, valuation, required renovation or upgrading), the marketing step (internal or external with remunerated agents), legal and land registry aspects (reclassification, pre-emptions, consolidations, diagnostics, promises, sales/purchase deeds, etc.), decisional aspects (intervention of any given number of decision-making or consultative committees, etc.), omnipresent EDM, works follow-up, financial aspects, etc.

The associated workflow and alerts are configurable.

The module interacts with the inventory, the rental management module, the technical management module for works and accounting for financial aspects.


Complete financial information

NETiKA RI enables you to input the rental value and the value of each asset. All values are dated to enable tracking of changes. Different types of valuation are handled (acquisition, fair value, comparison, DCF, book value, etc.). Owner and tenant investments are tracked. All of the costs of an asset can be modelled and tracked: rental fees, utilities, the environment, amortisation, taxes and levies, building charges, tenant charges, financial charges, etc.

All cost standardisations are compatible.

NETiKA RI calculates and graphically displays all helpful indicators.


Lease budgeting

The lease budgeting module is a sophisticated tool enabling simulation of the amounts of the items invoiced in leases. The module is used to carry out budget analyses, simulate the occupancy of leases granted and to calculate off-balance items (off-balance sheet commitments, IFRS). The module uses the rental management rental tables and about forty parameters, as well as the actual from real estate accounting. Its primary characteristics are:

  • A rents and charges simulation tool with nearly 40 parameters
    • Property manager: budget for year N+1, income optimisation, vacancy management
    • Asset manager:
      • Analysis of income and charges during the holding period
      • Off-balance sheet commitments/IFRS calculation
  • Parameter management
    • Managed by inheritance
    • Level: global => site => lease => simulation
    • Management of several events during the simulation (breaks, end of lease, etc.)
    • Parameters: projected indexes for amount changes, departure assumptions, renegotiated rents, exposure limit values, work required on departure and arrival, departure penalties, charges, taxes, fees, etc.
  • Comparison version
    • Managed by workflow
  • Résults
    • Global, by site, by lease, by lessee
    • Analyse by section
    • Export to budgets
  •  Management control
    • Comparison between the business plan, assumptions and actual.


Risk management

The risk management module enables the creation of a risk map of your assets. The module is entirely configurable to analyse a number of risk types organised by topics and sub-topics. For example: Hygiene/health, the Environment, Soil pollution, Obsolescence, the Labour code, Legal/documents, Eco-efficiency, etc.

Automatic document filing management.

Configurable severity grids. Weighting by number of occupants, area occupied, etc.

Automatic periodic calculation of indicators. Mapping in Google Maps.

NETiKA Gestion des risques