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Automatisez de A à Z votre processus de facturation

NETiKA now has a powerful module that allows you to manage thousands of electronic purchase invoices. The new EPI (Electronic Purchase Invoices) module has the following functions::

Puce 1  Interface with EDI platforms for sharing electronic invoices (all formats supported, manual entry of invoices or retrieval of invoices entered in the ERP
puce-5  Semi-automatic reconciliation of invoices with liabilities in the Purchases module of NETiKA RI, management of international VAT
puce-3  ‘Repair’ screen for manual classification of invoices that are incomplete or cannot be automatically reconciled
puce-2  Configurable approval process for billed amounts depending on what has been done so far (approvals, delivery notes etc.)
puce-4  Automatic accounting for invoices in the auxiliary accounting system (internal Compiere accounting for NETiKA RI or external accounting system of customer’s IS)
puce-1  Release for payment based on a validated payment authorisation