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Property inventory and EDM

Your multidimensional real estate repository

The NETiKA Property Inventory & EDM module brings together all of the information required to manage your real estate portfolio (assets, third parties, leases, documents, etc.). The property inventory is multidimensional, simultaneously managing several hierarchical structures: physical, geographical, land registry, rental, technical, etc.…High-performance EDM (Electronic Document Management) is fully integrated at all levels of the database.

The module meets the needs of national and international companies. It handles multiple assets, companies, currencies, languages, measurement units (m2, sq ft, etc.) and time zones. It is configurable to facilitate the implementation of individual environments (country by country and BU by BU) within an overall information system.

It references all types of assets (buildings, technical installations, shopping centres, train stations, land, quarries, landfill sites, etc.) of all levels of complexity. It includes both building and non-building information (land, registries, sub-soil) and all technical installations and the environmental. Specific sub-modules, which can be activated as needed, provide all financial, tax, legal and urban planning data as well as an inventory of all regulatory controls and all types of risks.

All of the parties involved (Third Parties) are included: owners, lessors, tenants, occupants, managers, service providers, suppliers, experts, etc. NETiKA RI enables easy modelling of: – The legal and capital structure of the client group with any given number of levels. – The multi-level organisation of the client group (BUs, units, business lines, subsidiaries, etc.) whether independent or related to the former.

The database includes a description of leases and agreements and manages all situations and points of view: – All leases taken and granted (external and internal subleases), and management hierarchies. – Investors, owner-users and primary renters, property management companies integrated in the group, multi-mandate property administrators for owners/lessors/lessees.

There are two types of lease descriptions: the ‘inventory’ lease which is simplified, with discounted amounts, and the ‘accounting’ lease with complete information for invoicing to the penny.

Your repository includes high-performance EDM

There is no limit to the number and type of documents that can be combined with the database elements. Each document can have multiple references. For example, a rental agreement can be referenced by site, the sub-item in question, the lessor and the lessee. The document is only recorded once, but can be accessed via the four links. A fully configurable, two-level nomenclature is used for document classification. The types of documents can be made compulsory, and generate an alarm when missing. Document confidentiality and version management options are available. Versioning functionality provides protection for documents being modified (check in/check out procedure). A full text referencing function based on a keyword library. A mass import function with automatic classification and a mass export function.

Area and drawing management

NETiKA RI manages several descriptive structures including the physical structure of premises and equipment and the rental structure.

If you manage your property inventory via drawings, the physical structure of NETiKA RI will be updated automatically from your AutoCAD drawings. The bidirectional RI <=> Abyla interface perfected with our partner Labeo ensures synchronisation of premises, occupants and equipment. Go to the dedicated page.

Geolocation of assets

NETiKA RI enables visualisation of Google Maps where assets are geolocated at the building, installation and land level. Geolocation is automatic via the address, or manual and graphic when the address isn’t precise enough.

You can attach a description to each pin with a photo and three themes associated with the shape, colour and size of the pin. The themes can be fully configured. They can use all of the data of the NETIKA RI management modules dynamically (property, occupancy, risks, expert and financial data, anomalies, works, etc.).

A powerful map and theme search tool enables the selection, viewing and printing of any selection of assets with the themes chosen.