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NETiKA RI – software suite for tertiary real estate management

NETiKA RI is modular, open and scalable

The NETiKA RI (Référentiel Immobilier = Real Estate Inventory) software suite for the tertiary sector

Puce 1  …introduces a modular approach: you only activate the modules relevant to you
Puce 2  …seamlessly integrates into your information system: inventories, ERP, GMAO, LDAP, SSO etc. 
Puce 3  …is fully customisable and scalable: thanks to the Integrator toolkit.


Overall design of the solution


The specialist modules in the NETiKA solution


Property inventory and EDM

Multidimensional property inventory (geographical, land register, physical, technical and rental) with integrated EDM.

Rental management

Leases taken, leases given, sub-letting. ‘Inventory’ and ‘book’ leases. Charges, taxes and levies. Invoice preparation.

Technical management

Preventive and remedial maintenance. Regulatory checks. Consumption and Environment. Multi-year work schedule.


Asset management

Management of operations, financial data, cost control, lease budgeting, risk inventory etc.

Property accounting

Integrated multi-company accounting, general, auxiliary, analytical and international accounting. Integrated into all management modules.


Management audit

Budget monitoring in all property management departments.

Purchase management

Contracts and orders, receipts, approval of invoices, payment authorisations.  Management of paperless invoicing.

Asset management

Mandate management, fee calculations, Hoguet law, maximum exposure amount, management reports etc.

Decision-making - analytical reports

Jaspersoft integration. Internal requestor by the Functional Administrator. Analytical reports. Indicators in all modules. Scorecards. Decision-making basis.


Mobile applications

Plan-sharing and site monitoring. Structured property visits, inventory and service provider audit. Incident management and monitoring of actions taken. Building form.

Plot and plan management

Integrated graphic and alphanumeric benchmarks. Automatic updates. Plans with customisable themes.


Customisation of reference tables, compliance with local legal, tax and accounting legislation, multiple currencies, multilingual, multiple units of area, multiple time zones etc.

Administration module

Management of access rights and data visibility. Customisation of modules. Translations. Scheduled tasks, interfaces, entry SAS.

Integrator toolkit

Fully customisable application: modules, menus, screens, tabs, fields, reports, scorecards, workflows, warnings, documents, processing etc.

Interfaces and SAS

All interfacing techniques, synchronous and asynchronous. SAS data import standard.