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To properly understand our tools, they must be seen in context, i.e. in the Project Life Cycle (of a building, for example).

As you can see, APROPLAN is mainly used during the project design/construction phase.

  • It is a tool for site supervision, OPA and acceptance.

CHECKLISTS can be used at any point in the life cycle, both during the project phase and the operation phase.

  • As its name suggests, this is a solution for organising structured visits and process monitoring.

HELPSITES comes into play during the operation phase of the project.

  • It is a solution for monitoring systems, managing incidents and preventive and remedial buildings maintenance.


APROPLAN, CHECKLISTS and HELPSITES are distributed in SAAS mode and can be accessed:

  • In web mode for Office tasks (via a simple browser)
  • On a Tablet and Smartphone for mobile tasks on site.

The data are automatically synchronised, so that everyone is working on the same documents. This avoids human error.

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