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The BIM (Building Information Model ) has been an essential element of both construction phases and then building management for a number of years.

This three-dimensional model, packed with information, enables all stakeholders to access all the data they need to successfully complete their tasks. Plans alone are not enough: qualitative data fully describe the constituent parts of the building: number and surface areas of openings of all types, surface area of each type of covering, lawn surface area, number of extinguishers, description of forms of heating etc. The single database, shared by everyone, is updated in real time.

The IT system links the provider in charge of maintenance, the maintenance contracts, the lifespan, provisional service schedule, relevant regulatory checks etc. to each aspect described. The inventory is updated dynamically and in real time (replacement, renovation, statuses etc.)

This information enables you to do various things, such as estimating the annual cost of your buildings and managing the long-term maintenance plan, checking the work of your Facilities Managers, anticipating your risks (wear and tear, environment, labour legislation etc.) in real time.

NETiKA has been involved in the BIM process for many years, by improving the data acquisition and management Tools:

  • sharing of plans and the associated information (measurements, acceptance reports etc.)
  • mobile applications to gather information (inventory, anomalies, checks, audits etc.)
  • secure access to providers and Facilities Managers, creating a database that is genuinely shared by everyone involved
  • Indicators and scorecards document the state of the building, delays and anomalies and actions to be taken
  • benchmarks for comparing the performance of various buildings

The NETiKA RI software suite handles the entire information chain from construction onwards, and throughout the asset management period.

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