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Decision reporting

NETiKA Décisionnel


Decision-making at the heart of your application

NETiKA has a partnership with TIBCO to integrate the Jaspersoft decision-making tool in RI and RISE.

  • End-users have a more relevant vision of their data
  • The application is more user-friendly thanks to reports and graphical data displays
  • Customised reports and analyses are facilitated
  • Operations staff and managers have immediate access to advanced indicators for quick decision-making.


Personalised decision-making

Jaspersoft decision reporting is provided in three ways in NETiKA RI and NETiKA RISE  :

  • Standard reports have a fixed structure, but have many criteria and can be produced in HTML, PDF and .xls formats, on the screen or via email in the languages available
  • The integrated requester works on a set of pre-configured SQL views:

Based on these views, the administrator can create reports for each user profile by selecting the fields, introducing calculated fields, choosing the type of visual (list, graph), etc.

End-users still have a degree of freedom to personalise their report: multi-criteria filters, field selection and sorting, etc. Reports can be created in HTML, PDF and .xls format in the languages available. A hyperlink on each results line provides access to the data in the production database.

The characteristics of each report can be saved for future use.

  • The dashboards for performance indicators are managed either from the production database or from star schemas from the decision-making scheme updated by ETL from the production database.
    • Periodic updating ensures that the data is recorded historically. The star schemas of the decision-making database are compatible with the BI tools on the market..
    • NETiKA provides a dashboard on the homepage from which the user manages their activities. It is configurable based on the user’s profile (GL dashboard, GT dashboard, etc.)
    • Each module can optionally have its own configurable Dashboard.


NETiKA Décisionnel