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Property management

Manage your mandates… 

The Property Management module is central to the solution. It interacts closely with the rental management, technical management and asset management modules.

The module manages the mandate registry. All types of mandates are supported: rental management, works management, etc.

They can apply to a single or multiple buildings.

Fee calculation is fully configurable: fixed fee, proportional to the m², to rents, to charges, to works, to transactions, etc.

In accordance with the Hoguet Law, NETiKA RI manages rental deposits, requests for funds, automatically calculates the cash balance and proposes suitable transfers taking into account the cash projection required to meet expenses.

NETiKA RI enables accounting management by principal or mandate.

The management report is calculated automatically based on a configurable format. Personalised reports and dashboards are available.

… and your co-ownerships

NETiKA RI enables the management of co-ownership budgets and calculates the allocation of charges among the co-owners based on a number of percentage tables.

In the event of rental management, the module organises the flow of charges from the co-ownership to the management.