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Integrator toolkit

All NETiKA clients, regardless of their size and profile (investor, property manager, major user) use a common NETiKA RI base (Editeur package), but each uses it in a specific way. NETiKA integrators implement and personalise the solution to meet the exact needs of each user.

One of the essential tools of the NETiKA RI solution is the Integrator toolkit which is particularly function-rich and sophisticated.


To personalise your application…

The toolkit enables modification of the existing application and can be used to create new modules:

  • Access to all screen and processing parameters
  • Menu creation
  • Screen and tab creation for existing objects: a screen consists of a number of sections (list or sheet) and each section is a combination of all types of fields: date, numerical, short, medium, long text and document. All value lists can be created. The fields can also be predefined in the database (site, building, lot, third party, contact, lease, file, document, etc.)
  • Management rules can be added: required field, default value, list of values, input format, PL/SQL procedure for complex management rules….
    • Screen validation management rules: PL/SQL procedure with no limit on complexity
    • Management rules for initial screen entry: PL/SQL procedure with no limit on complexity
  • Configurable file object with integrated EDM, budget, workflow, etc. enabling the creation of a complex business line process, e.g., acquisition, sales, lease, renovation, dispute or other process…
  • Processing: PL/SQL processing can be created and integrated everywhere in the screens (filling, validation, management rules) and everywhere in the workflows.
  • Fully configurable workflows for the management of module screens. A number of steps, transitions assured by configurable roles, management rules and processing in the form of PL/SQL procedures
  • Associated reports managed by the workflow
  • Merged documents associated with screens and managed by the workflow
  • Alerts and notifications of all types. The alerts update user to-do lists and generate emails. Automatic handling of alerts, alert cancellation, etc…
  • Use of web services and input and output sas to ensure communication with other applications

In general, integration services consist of PL/SQL scripts. When the complexity of the screens to be created exceeds the capabilities of our integrated tool, we will do new development on an exceptional basis.


Do it yourself!

Some functionality is accessible to client IT teams, after training by NETiKA (workflows, alerts, reports, sas, etc.). Contact us