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Management control

Manage your business plans

The budget structure can be configured at three levels and is shared by all NETiKA RI modules. A fourth level, the budget class, enables grouping of budget items by department. The budget repository includes both income and expenses. The structure selected can be standardised, for example, based on IPD-OPD for costs.

Multi-year budgets are created in each module (rental management, technical management, purchasing, asset management). Tables compare budgeted, committed and actual. The latter can come from the integrated real estate accounting or the client’s IS accounting tool.


Budgets are built and simulated in the various departments, for example:

  • Rental management: BDB module, lease budgeting
  • Technical management: MYWP module, multi-year works schedule
  • Asset management: MYWP module, multi-year transaction schedule
  • Owner expenses: non-recoverable and non-recovered expenses
  • Co-ownership budgets
  • Other.


Budgets are analysed at different levels: by accounting company, by site, by department/profit centre, by transaction, by lease group, by transaction group, etc.


Budgets are built, analysed, arbitrated and revised based on configurable collaborative processes.

Management control

The business plan adopted by each department/profit centre is compared to the actual and adjusted as a result. As many revisions as required can be implemented during the year.

Reporting/Key indicators

All types of personalised reporting are available.

Key indicators are calculated automatically.