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Technical management

Master the technical management of your buildings

Track maintenance contracts for equipment, find shortcoming in regulatory controls, track consumption, set your Grenelle objectives then initiate your sustainable development actions, manage multi-year preventive maintenance and curative maintenance on an ongoing basis, etc.

Manage all technical expenses for your buildings: multi-year planning of services and operations in the MYWP, budget preparation, arbitrage, contracts, real-time financial and technical management, exit point management and service start-up. The tool includes financial and technical works tracking. It is connected to the Purchasing module and collects commitments and acceptances and calculates the service provided. This module is also linked to the accounting system and includes management control. You also have the option of re-invoicing expenses to tenants based on configurable management rules.

All entries are secured by a collaborative process which ensures fluidity and reliability.

As is often the case for large groups, the technical module accepts a hierarchical organisation (geographical or other) of the activity, for example, by region or by mandate.

EDM is included at all levels.

Many reports and indicators are available to manage the business.


Mobile tools integrated in the technical module

As part of a BIM approach to information, the Aproplan mobile tool shares your drawings with the parties involved in your new construction and renovation work. It manages handover and final acceptance.

The mobile tool Checklists enables you to enter technical inventories on a tablet or smartphone during structured visits. You can inspect the state of buildings, track maintenance and carry out audits of the missions of your service providers.

The Helpsites mobile tool collects incidents and anomalies and monitors responses. Anomalies are entered in the tenant portal or reported by the Helpdesk team or in the Aproplan or Checklists Tools.

For more detail, see our  dedicated page


Comply with environmental regulations (Grenelle II)

  • Environmental appendix
  • Inventory of high energy consumption equipment that can be improved
  • Building qualification
  • Consumption history, primary energy calculation, inclusion of climate adjustments
  • Calculation of energy performance indicators
  • Definition of objectives
  • Implementation of sustainable development actions and automatic MYWP updating
  • Benchmarking.


Detect all anomalies in regulatory inspections

  • Inventory of equipment and types of regulatory inspections to be carried out
  • Filing of visit reports, automatic control creation
  • Collecting of reservations, conformity upgrading, input to the Helpsites module or MYWP, as required
  • Reports and alerts


Preventive and curative maintenance

  • Library of equipment and associated repairs
  • Projected work schedule
  • Periodic MYWP updating
  • Checklists module (web and mobile) to manage periodic structured control visits
  • Helpsites module (web and mobile) for anomaly management.

MYWP (Multi-Year Work Plan)

  • Multiple managers for multi-year programmes
  • Budget preparation based on all work and transactions (investments, major maintenance work, minor work, contracts, consumption, visits, etc.)
  • National consolidation, arbitrage, notification
  • Contracts, work orders
  • Acceptance
  • Technical and financial monitoring, exit point management, budget revisions, etc.
  • Reports, indicators, etc.


Decision reporting

Many indicators are calculated in real time (cost/m², ratio committed/budgeted, ratio realised/committed, delays, etc.) to help managers pilot their activities.

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