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The NETiKA RI real estate solution was developed for international use. We have been multi-currency and multilanguage and used multiple area measurement units and multiple time zones since 1995.

Several of our clients use our applications on all five continents.

All of the application’s expressions are in an Oracle database and translation into another language simply requires translation of the expressions and inclusion in the database.

Our applications are used in other countries in line with local legislation. This is possible because of the configuration of useful data by country (types of leases, critical date masks, rent change indexes, adjustments for local tax laws and accounting practices).


Multiple languages

NETiKA products have been natively multilanguage from the start (1995).

  • All web interface expressions are stored in the database, currently in three languages (EN, FR, NL). Adding a language simply requires adding the translations to the database.

Our applications currently use the ISO 8859 P15 Character Set. It enables management of all characters, including Cyrillic and Chinese characters, which are converted to UTF8. Users can change languages at any time, but their profile contains a default.

  • Reference table data can be in any language recognised by the application (currently EN, FR, NL).
  • The documents generated and transmitted are created based on models. They can be written in any language.
  • Users can select the language they want for reports.


Currencies and area measurement units

NETiKA RI manages multiple currencies using a base currency. Every user has a default currency, but can define the site’s default currency. A base currency must be selected for each report and NETiKA RI automatically makes the required conversions.

NETiKA RI manages several area measurement units in the same way as currencies. A site can include areas in several units (premises in m² and land in ha, for example). The base area unit must be selected for each report and NETiKA RI automatically makes the required conversions.

Adapted to local practices

Several of NETiKA’s clients work internationally and many NETiKA RI functions make their job easier:

  • The Compiere accounting software is natively international and easily adjusts to local tax and accounting requirements. Reverse charging is native to the tool and can be adapted locally. For example, we have been managing co-contracting in Belgium since 1995.
  • The legal nature of leases depends on each country and critical date masks are based on it. Grouping leases enables consolidation between countries.
  • Lease change indexes are filtered by country.
  • Invoice and document creation processes are fully configurable and can be based on the country.
  • A third party is a legal structure with several establishments, potentially in different countries.
  • Bank account formats can be configured, notably by country.
  • Generally speaking, each description can be adapted and input can be based on the management rules of each country. Specific local screens can be created and input managed with a workflow.