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Administration module

The NETiKA solution’s administration module is access restricted and entirely secure. Here are its main functions:

  • Manage organisations, users, roles and profiles
  • Define the content of all parameter tables accessible to the administrator
  • Translation of table labels and contents (this enables each client to use the terms and expressions they are used to)
  • Manage the data modification history. The audit trails are full configurable, table by table.
  • Launch imports and exports (sas) and interfaces, manage errors, etc.
  • Configure alerts



Create organisations that reflect the way in which user teams are structured. A user can belong to several organisations.

Each user is associated with one or more positions for a given period of time only. This means that interims can be added for a limited time and a player can be activated/deactivated for a given period. It is also possible to restrict access to certain periods of the day.

Data segmentation : It is possible to define exactly what data will be accessible to each user. By default, data visibility is determined by the user’s position in the organisation’s hierarchy. Assignments enable the inclusion of management rules that modify default visibility rules.

For example, an item can be assigned to a user to allow them to use it although they are not allowed to see it by default. Assignments can be used to make an item accessible to an outside company (for example, a service provider inspecting buildings) which, by default, does not see the item. Each company is assigned the items they need to view/use. To do so, visibility management rules must first be defined for all players. The assignments are created via scripts which are initiated by automatic processes and use predefined management rules.

Position segmentation : it is possible to precisely define which screens and rights are accessible to each user. We create roles (a set of roles) for this purpose profiles (a set of roles) for this purpose.

Users belong to one or more organisations and have one or more profiles.