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La suite logicielle immobilière pour le tertiaire public et privé


Votre gestion immobilière prête à l’emploi

NETiKA : The benchmark software solution for tertiary real estate

Backed by more than 20 years’ experience, with expertise in web technology for more than 15 years and 5 years in mobile technology, NETIKA Real Estate Solutions develops and integrates real estate information systems for major public and private sector clients.

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 NETiKA RI : modular, open and scalable


The NETiKA RI (Référentiel Immobilier = Real Estate Toolkit) software suite for the tertiary sector

Puce 1  A modular approach: you only activate the modules relevant to you
Puce 2  Seamlessly integrates into your information system
Puce 3  Fully customisable and scalable: thanks to the Integrator toolkit
Puce 4  Mobile applications that can be used on the
Puce 5  Performance indicators to steer operations

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 NETiKA RI Standard Edition : ready to use


Puce 1  Two versions: Referencing + Rental management and Referencing + Technical management
puce-5  Ready to use, with pre-configured tables that can be easily customised
puce-3  Geopositioning of your assets on Google Maps
puce-2  Can be scaled by gradually activating multiple additional modules
puce-4  Performance indicators accessible from the homepage

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CHECKLISTS : structured property visits


A powerful mobile solution for sending local information to a shared database :
Puce 1   Inventory
Puce 2   Inspection visits
Puce 3   Service provider audits
Puce 4   Integration into NETiKA RI

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HELPSITES  : technical monitoring of property


A shared tool for the technical department, helpdesk team, local liaison, occupants and service providers

Puce 1   Anomalies recorded on a tablet or online
Puce 2   Occupants have direct access
Puce 3   Service providers directly intervene
Puce 4   Monitoring of actions taken
Puce 5   Integration into NETiKA RI

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AproPLAN : Optimised construction site management


AproPLAN is owned by AproPLAN. It is fully integrated into NETiKA RI

Puce 1  Share your plans and all your data as soon as construction or renovation starts
Puce 2  Access to unique and reliable information shared by everyone
Puce 3  Detailed monitoring of the lifting of reservations and completions

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The specialist modules in the NETiKA solution


Property inventory and EDM

Multidimensional property inventory (geographical, land register, physical, technical and rental) with integrated EDM.

Rental management

Leases taken, leases given, sub-letting. ‘Inventory’ and ‘book’ leases. Charges, taxes and levies. Invoice preparation.

Technical management

Preventive and remedial maintenance. Regulatory checks. Consumption and Environment. Multi-year work schedule.


Asset management

Management of operations, financial data, cost control, lease budgeting, risk inventory etc.

Property accounting

Integrated multi-company accounting, general, auxiliary, analytical and international accounting. Integrated into all management modules.


Management audit

Budget monitoring in all property management departments.

Purchase management

Contracts and orders, receipts, approval of invoices, payment authorisations.  Management of paperless invoicing.

Asset management

Mandate management, fee calculations, Hoguet law, maximum exposure amount, management reports etc.

Decision-making - analytical reports

Jaspersoft integration. Internal requestor by the Functional Administrator. Analytical reports. Indicators in all modules. Scorecards. Decision-making basis.


Mobile applications

Plan-sharing and site monitoring. Structured property visits, inventory and service provider audit. Incident management and monitoring of actions taken. Building form.

Plot and plan management

Integrated graphic and alphanumeric benchmarks. Automatic updates. Plans with customisable themes.


Customisation of reference tables, compliance with local legal, tax and accounting legislation, multiple currencies, multilingual, multiple units of area, multiple time zones etc.

Administration module

Management of access rights and data visibility. Customisation of modules. Translations. Scheduled tasks, interfaces, entry SAS.

Integrator toolkit

Fully customisable application: modules, menus, screens, tabs, fields, reports, scorecards, workflows, warnings, documents, processing etc.

Interfaces and SAS

All interfacing techniques, synchronous and asynchronous. SAS data import standard.

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NETiKA recrute !

Pour accompagner sa forte croissance NETiKA Solutions Immobilières recrute 2 analystes pour l’implémentation de son logiciel de gestion Immobilière. Nous recherchons des candidats d’abord motivés par le fonctionnel mais avec une forte appétence pour le technique afin...

Automate every aspect of your invoicing process

Automatisez de A à Z votre processus de facturation NETiKA now has a powerful module that allows you to manage thousands of electronic purchase invoices. The new EPI (Electronic Purchase Invoices) module has the following functions::   Interface with EDI platforms for...

NETiKA provides innovative mobile solutions

To properly understand our tools, they must be seen in context, i.e. in the Project Life Cycle (of a building, for example). As you can see, APROPLAN is mainly used during the project design/construction phase. It is a tool for site supervision, OPA and acceptance....

ADP is Rolling out AproPLAN to manage their OPA

  This summer, the Aéroports De Paris (ADP) group rolled out the AproPLAN mobile construction site management solution. The 70 licences involved will be used in particular to manage progress and the Operations Prior to Acceptance (OPA) of their construction sites...

NETiKA is Rolling out the Rise solution at GRT gaz

As part of the AGIL project for steering the real estate toolkit and FM, GRTGaz chose NETiKA’s RISE solution in SaaS mode. The solution chosen in January 2016 was launched at the end of June 2016. During this first phase of the project, GRTgaz rolled out the modules...

NETiKA is involved in the BIM process

The BIM (Building Information Model ) has been an essential element of both construction phases and then building management for a number of years. This three-dimensional model, packed with information, enables all stakeholders to access all the data they need to...

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