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Purchase management


The purchase management module links the management modules and ancillary accounting:

  •  For leases taken, contract and order management to enable receipt of lessor invoices
  •  For equipment maintenance contracts
  • For orders related to billable curative maintenance out of contract
  •  For contracts and orders enabling all planned technical operations for the buildings (investments, major maintenance, small repairs, inspection visits, etc.).

Main characteristics

The following are the main characteristics of the module:

  • Management of framework contracts, contract models, order contracts, consumption and services contracts, project contracts, etc.
  • Management of simple orders, orders on contract, orders on project, etc.
  • Commitments with automatic, manual or calculated reception
  • Acceptance management (worksite acceptance or intervention report, merchandise delivery slip, implicit acceptance of consumption contracts, etc.)
  • Configurable approval workflow, as sophisticated as required.

EPI sub-module (Electronic Purchase Invoices)

Mass processing of electronic purchase invoices for commitments, based on the international EDI format.

  • Invoice qualification: matching with a commitment, with pending receipts
  • Invoice approval process: total or partial approval, refusal and request for a credit, invoice for several successive receipts, payment approval
  • Anomaly detection and repair
  • Configurable approval workflow
  • Flow of invoices to Compiere or to the client’s IS accounting
  • Payment based on the payment approval.